Saturday, February 21, 2009

Garage Sale Report - February 21, 2009

Everybody is asking, "What happened to the garage sale reports?"

Well, garage sales all but cease to exist between Thanksgiving and New Year as people are busying themselves with holiday shopping and fruitcake baking. Additionally, as those who live in Los Angeles can attest, we have had an uncommonly wet couple of months. Even when it isn't raining, the mere threat of rain deters all but the most committed (or most desperate.) Usually, by February, garage saling season is in full swing!

As pictured above, I purchased a terrific stainless steel cart. Handy as can be. Of course, it was caked under god-only-knows what sort of filth. It is astonishing how dirty things can get. For those with a strong stomach, click here to see a sample. Now, it is not truly disgusting - that is reserved for the mind boggling Parrot/Lovebird book (scroll to end for the link of horror.)

Perhaps the most important skill in garage sale acquisition is the ability to clean things. To really clean them - without screwing them up. For example, you should be extremely careful when using abrasives on brushed metals. The risk is "over polishing" so that spots are shinier than the surrounding metal or, disastrously, not polishing with the grain of the metal which will cause scratches.

Cleaning Brushed Stainless
  • Spray liberally with Awesome! or something like Fantastic
  • Before it dries, rinse with hose
  • Spray again, rinse again
  • While very wet, scrub with the grain using soap and water and a soft scrubby pad. Do not use the aggressive green Scotchbrite pads! Use the white pad that is on the backside of a pink sponge.
  • Pick out the corners with more Awesome, a dental pick and a toothbrush
  • Polish with Simichrome and an old t-shirt. Don't use a standard terry shop towel as you would be amazed what will scratch brushed metal.
  • With a different, clean t-shirt, buff the Simichrome away.