Monday, February 09, 2009

Grace WiFi Radio Guaranteed to Abolish Boredom Forever

William Smith of Hang Fire Books says the Grace WiFi Radio is one the top five electronic purchases of his life:

Basically you can listen to any radio station with an internet stream, any podcast, your own music files, and Pandora (with the ability to rate and bookmark songs), all in a sleek and intuitive package with robust sound.

You need broadband and a wireless router but your computer doesn't need to be on for the Grace to work and there's no additional service fees.

It was very easy to setup. There are five buttons for presets on the front and you can add thousands of more stations either from the Grace itself or from a web page interface (Reciva). If you add a station through Reciva, next time you turn on the Grace it'll be added to your station lists.

It's $176 on Amazon.