Friday, February 13, 2009

Industrial Detritus as High End Interiors

Industrial Maple Block Factory Desk - $1925

Beautiful, yes. It seems that the aesthetic of industrial patina has slipped right into the mainstream and the prices have risen accordingly. It all started with Sonrisa stripping the paint off tanker desks but the aesthetic has matured over time to allow the original paint to remain. I have been buying industrial discards for 20 years to outfit my shop/home and it is a testament to the entrepreneurship of the nouveau industrial furnishing retailers to have the bravery to ask these prices. Likely warranted, as they cherry pick the very best stuff and, as with all things, there is only so much of "the very best stuff."

Though the maple block desk is a pretty piece, it is a little off on second look. The scale is not quite right. The legs are a little too narrow, the condition of the wood does not really match the patina on the legs and the whole thing looks a little tippy. Now, it is not stated to be 100% original and it doesn't have to be. There is a lesson here - when you see a broken down lathe or horizontal band saw, check out the legs supporting. It's life as a lathe is over, but it may be ready to be a desk. And those drafting tables that clog garage sales are dying to be reborn.

High End Industrial Interiors (Thanks, Dr. Bleep!)