Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Make's new "Lost Knowledge" column

Gareth Brawyn has announced a new weekly column on the Make web site called "Lost Knowledge." The first installment is about typewriters.

This week, we start a new regular column in search of the technology of the future in the forgotten ideas of the past (and those slightly off the beaten path). Each Tuesday, we'll look at retro-tech, "lost" technology, and the make-do, improvised "street tech" of village artisans and tradespeople from around the globe. "Lost Knowledge" is also the theme of MAKE Volume 17 (due on newsstands March 10, 2009)

Today, we look at antique manual typewriters. Typewriters are enjoying something of a resurgence these days. They have obvious antique/collectors appeal, they're amazingly cool machines (as the photos below can attest), and in these increasingly cash-tight times, a manual typewriter needs no electricity, requires no subscription fees, is cheap and easy to keep operate, and doesn't come with its own bundle of time-sucking distractions, like the PC I'm typing this on (while fielding IMs, Twitter feeds, and Facebook updates).