Saturday, February 21, 2009

Nina Ricci Shoes

Paul Simon once said that much of his music is him writing the same song over and over again until he gets it right. To grossly overstretch the analogy for a less noble pursuit, I have been buying the same pair of black stilettos over and over again until I find the right ones. Found. But, their discovery presents heartbreak as they are Nina Ricci and probably a gabillion dollars.

The only disgrace is that the model’s foot in this photo is too small for the shoe. Hrmpf. Lemme try ‘em on! Tsk.

Not to be confused with the perfect pair of mary janes (I already own those). I was going to wax on about what constitutes my ideal heels, wondering if the perfect lines of a high-heeled shoe, designed to complement the curves of a woman's calf in counter-balance (at least, I believe so) can be represented by mathematical formula, thus explaining why too-straight and outwardly curving heels are offensive to the form and aesthetic... and then thought I'd better not. Oh, sigh.


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