Monday, March 23, 2009

Garage Sale Report - March 21, 2009

Homemade Wrench Holders

If there is a secret skill in garage saling, it is the ability to pick the rare items of real value from the detritus of suburbia. People laugh when I say that a typical garage sale can have 10,000 items as it seems like a preposterous number.

Lidless Tupperware, non-stick pans that have lost their non-stick, blenders, short pants, white pumps, soccer cleats, VHS tapes of Night Court recordings, a black particle board media stand with glass magnetic latch doors that came with a 32" TV, half pads of stickie notes, cheap PC speakers, shirts given away at a business retreat, stadium seats, power adapters, plastic ice chests, knock-off Rollerblades, mountains of t-shirts, turntables missing the stylus, disposable box cutters, videotape rewinders, garden hoses missing one end, jeans that never fit right, socks, half filled boxes of drywall screws, disposable cigarette lighters, Bic pens, old cell phones, dull kitchen knives that were never sharpened, half empty jugs of weed killer, record albums, vacuum cleaners, broken Ikea furniture, 15" CRTs, remote controls, #1 Phillips screwdrivers destroyed by turning #2 screws, bicycle helmets filled with crumbling foam, 32 ounce fast food soda pop cups with overly thick plastic straws that taste like a green plastic watering can, throw pillows, clear glass vases that came with a flower arrangement, cork screws, toys, CDs, file folders, free headphones from plane trips, paint roller frames, laser key chains and a big box of cables for electronics.

Think about what it takes in time and money to individually buy 10,000 items. 10,000 disposable items or those that were purchased and have disappointed in some fundamental way. 10,000 items too good for the trash can but not good enough to keep.

Aforementioned Wrench Holder, in Action

Rare Snap-On Ratchet

Maybe it isn't eBay rare, but this Snap-On ratchet is certainly real world rare. I have never seen another like it and I have been sifting through dusty tool boxes for many years.

Hammers and Handles

Today I saw an orange gummy bear on the ground and thought, "Oh! Like my new hammers!"