Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Mouldin' Hoard

I'm working on an art history lecture for tomorrow, and wanted to find a YouTube video showing the Hoi an Hoard, a 500 year old Vietnamese shipwreck that changed the way we think about Southeast Asian ceramics. Instead, my YouTube search opened my eyes to a whole sub-genre of YouTube video....footage of the inside of houses occupied by people with hoarding disorder.

A quick YouTube search for "hoarding" brings up around 2,000 videos that range from embarassed teenagers trying to shame their messy parents to extreme (and hearbreaking) cases of hoarding disorder involving everything from old newspapers and food to animals.

Like most of the D&R contributors, I looooooove to collect things. The above video is my wife's worst fear. My parents have had to help clean out a few houses like this over the years, including one from a neighbor who passed away that amassed a refrigerator-sized box of Beanie Babies. Maybe when the next Buddy Hackett collector plate comes up on eBay, I should pass.

Nah. I'll take my chances. But these hoarding videos make me wake up in a cold sweat.