Monday, March 16, 2009

Nadya Rusheva

"Saying Good-bye to Fox"

Whenever I learn about an artist, writer or extraordinary being that I simply can't believe I haven't been hearing about since elementary school, it reminds me that there are centuries of people with stories, talents and unique perspectives that we never hear of that are still left to discover, or more probably: will never know about. I was reminded of this last week, when I first learned about Nadya Rusheva, a cannonized artist in Russia- almost completely unknown in the West.

"The First Meeting of Master and Margarita"

Nadya Rusheva was a young Russian artist who left over 10,000 drawings of exquisite, sinuous lines and bold emotion. Apparently, she did little to no preparatory work. But her work goes far beyond impressing with its technical abilities: she marries emotional encounters with a style of drawing that is so assured, effortless and beautiful it is staggering to think they were created by a girl as young as she was (she began seriously drawing at the age of seven). Her astonishing body of work was realized, and to be completed, by the age of seventeen, when she died of a brain hemorrage (1952 - 1969).

Link (thanks, Ruxandra)