Monday, March 09, 2009

Streetcar No. 1050: Micro Meets Macro

Two 1050s

1050 at 17th and Castro

Tiny 1050

Micro Meets Macro

Last weekend my 19.5 month-old daughter and I decided to go on for a ride on a vintage streetcar. So we packed up her favorite wooden toy streetcar and headed to the Castro terminus of San Francisco's F Market line to embark on our adventure.

When we arrived, the 1940s-era PCC streetcar No. 1050 — the very car upon which her toy is based — was waiting to give us a ride. The real streetcar 1050 was built in 1948, and it's painted in the livery used by San Francisco's Municipal Railway during the 1950s.

It was pretty nifty, because it's not every day a kid gets to see her toys come to life.

The toy version of No. 1050 is sold by Market Street Railway, the nonprofit group that helps keep San Francisco's vintage streetcar fleet operating. It's Thomas and Brio track-compatible, and you can pick one up here.