Monday, March 09, 2009

Wood B-52 Bomber

A few years ago I went to the rodeo (I do live in Texas) and took home what has become one the most noticeable conversation pieces in my home. There was a booth at the rodeo with a mind-boggling array of laquered wood models of any aircraft you could imagine. There were helicopters, the space shuttle, the name it, they had it. So I asked if they had a B-52 bomber. Silly me, of course they did! It cost a whole $25 and assembly was snapping the wings to the fuselage and then onto the display base. "Made in Vietnam" (by children, I'm sure). Oh, sigh.

The Star of Texas Fair and Rodeo is coming up this weekend, so iffin you're in A-town and you make it out to the fairgrounds, I'd betcha this vendor will be there again so you can get a neato, wood aircraft like mine. That is, if you're cool with the whole hasta-be-made-by-children thing.