Thursday, April 09, 2009

Andy Beach's Shop

Why should you have a blog?

Not money. That probably will not happen. Rather, you are able to express yourself in a natural voice, among friends, who are able return regularly to see what is going on. Through this process of the exposition of values, ideas and aesthetics, others with a similar sensibility cross your path. They contact you. Similarly, you gravitate to other's blogs and contact them. With your blog in your back pocket, there is an immediate "catching up" point. Point to your blog and say, "This is the stuff I am into. See how it is similar? Let's be friends!"

I always tell Andy that he has better taste than I do. He guffaws a bit, but I wouldn't say he exactly argues with me. It is an accolade that he lets stand. Other people also recognize the value of Andy's take on the world and engage him in temporary retail shopkeeping enterprises.

I scrutinize these efforts. Take a close look at the flower pots in top picture. Admirably restrained and simple elegance. A cluster of cacti in pots, heights varied with slices of branch as risers. I am totally going to rip that off!

Andy Beach/Apartmento Colab Shop, Milano, Italy