Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Calka Boomerang Desk for Conquering Smaller Universes

Yesterday, I posted about the super rare Maurice Calka $150K-ish fiberglass desk with integrated chair. What if you only have about $35k to spend on a desk for the conquest of space? Well, instead of focusing on the entire universe, perhaps you could buy the Calka Boomerang desk and concentrate on the colonization of a small solar system.

D+R reader Greg regrets not buying one out of a Dotcom boom-era design shop in Manhattan. Not sure what desk Greg ended up with instead, but I suspect you couldn't plant a flag on a single moon of Jupiter with the metal tanker desk that I work from.

And D+R reader Tomas points us to this charming video of a puppet executive sitting at a green Boomerang desk as he rocks out, signs contracts and makes rotary phone calls.

Maurice Calka Boomerang at Christies - Sold for 3 times the estimate!