Thursday, April 16, 2009

Carrie Stevens Fishing Flies

From Lang's Auctions:

Original Carrie Stevens Fly. Larger example measuring 3 1/2" in overall length with a hook length of 2 1/2". Nice color and pattern variation with original cellophane envelope. Appears to be in excellent overall condition.

Each original Carrie Steven's fly offered originates from the collection of Marty Keane, and was personally obtained by Keane himself. Steven's flies are highly sought after by collectors not only for their beauty and exceptional construction, but also Steven's uniquely artistic patterns. In his Classic Rods and Tackle list No. 51, published in 1989, Keane shares his enthusiasm for the purchase of these flies with the following:

"Find of the Century! Carrie G. Stevens Streamer Fly Collection. Find of the century is this unbelievably historic collection of brilliant, new streamer flies tied by America's preeminent fly tier Carrie G. Stevens (1882-1970) of Upper Dam, Maine. Carrie's flies are not simply beautiful streamers; she actually created a new American art form that can virtually hypnotize a viewer, drawing him back again and again; she tied circa 1924-1954. Numerous patterns offered here have reportedly never been known to exist before. We believe this large group of Carrie's flies to be the master inventory card file of Carrie's only large account/retailer, Herb Welch."

Carrie Stevens Fishing Flies for auction at Lang's