Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Emily Peacock Needlepoint Kits

These pillow kits on etsy by UK designer Emily Peacock are absolutely gorgeous and the color palette is divine. Choosing color combinations is no easy task. And, these projects are not for the faint-of-heart where commitment is concerned. One little nit-picky thing: the designer calls them "tapestry" when they are actually needlepoint. Just trying to help educate folks about needlework terminology. I get grumpy when embroidery is called cross-stitch, needlepoint is called crochet, etc. A friend once asked me "how the knitting" was going and I asked him how his bongo playing was coming along (he was studying marimba). Picky? Me? Think Mr. Jalopy would cotton to a Camaro being casually referred to as a Thunderbird? I think not!

Link (to Emily's Etsy store)
Tapestry vs. Needlepoint
Needlepoint Museum (great collection of unusual needlepoints)