Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Evelyn and Jerome Ackerman, Masters of Midcentury Modernism

Scott Underwood says:

While I was in San Diego recently, I visited the Mingei museum in Balboa Park. It's a museum devoted to functional art, and they had excellent collections of Japanese and Indian objects.

But I thought of you when I saw the exhibition on Evelyn and Jerome Ackerman, Masters of Midcentury Modernism. I had never heard of them, but they had that terrific midcentury illustration style that I think you'd enjoy. Wall hangings, furniture, objets, textiles -- they did a lot.

She seems to have been the more prolific of the pair, and in fact he may have been more of the business end. The website doesn't really show the pieces I thought you'd enjoy, like a Don Quixote figure done as a woodcut, a mosaic, and a fabric hanging, or the wall hanging of flowers that was popular enough to appear in a contemporary Playboy cartoon (which is also included in the show). You can see the mosaic "Cat Table" to get an idea of the style.