Monday, May 25, 2009

Questionnaire Music Video

This is one of the first music videos I recall seeing on tv. We would have had three or four channels at the time. We didn't get MTV until 1987 and this aired around 1981 (I was nine years old). It looked like nothing else I'd ever seen and was super exciting to me. And you couldn't record it, or play it back or summon it up on YouTube. Just cross your fingers and hope to die they'd play it again, and as it was commanding your rapt attention pray that mom wouldn't suddenly decide that it was time for you to unload the dishwasher. Some really early computer animation and trailing effects with lights and neato grid projection (which I'm a big sucker for). But, how'd they do the woman's illuminated dress? Black lights? I don't get it.

Link: Chas Jankel - Questionnaire (Thanks, Scott!)
More early computer animation in a music video:
Elvis Costello - Accident's Will Happen

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