Friday, June 19, 2009

The 8"x10" Glossy Photo Walls of Los Angeles

As a kid, I would always inspect the photos of celebrities hanging in every Los Angeles dry cleaner, falafel store and pet shop. There was no finer collection than Pink's Chili Dogs. As I had a Mitz kosher cola and hot dog, I would see how many people I could identify. The weatherman from channel 7, the thug from the Rockford Files and topless extra from the Showtime After Dark special.

The above photo was taken at Benny's Independent Mercedes. My 1987 300TD is in the shop for climate control issues. Though I am a decent shadetree mechanic, the vacuum pod and computer technology of 1980's Mercedes really feels like a black art. I rely on Benny for these matters.

Would I recommend Benny's Independent Mercedes? Yes. However, only if you are going to be a good customer, which is not a comment on the money you are willing to spend, but the respect that you are willing to extend. I love going to Benny's shop. Always gracious, possessing an incredible mane of gray hair, Benny is a pleasure to be around and I enjoy spending time with his poodle, Tiny. They always tolerate my nosy curiosity as I look under the hood of every Mercedes in the place.

Benny's Independent Mercedes