Saturday, June 27, 2009

Marie Dubas

Not many people know that Edith Piaf was greatly influenced by and admired a predecessor of hers, named Marie Dubas. Said Piaf:

She knows how to make people laugh; I only know how to make them cry. Marie, you're the greatest and I owe everything to you.
It's interesting to note that not only did Dubas first record the love song "Mon Legionnaire" (more popularly associated with Piaf) but Dubas was an ebullient and comedic performer, who always wore a white dress when performing, while Piaf, French Empress of tragedy, always took stage in her famous black dress. This clip is from 1936 of a dramatized film to accompany the lyrics (who claims to have made the "first music video" anymore?). I particularly like that they illustrate the lyrics about the soldier's tattoos:

He was covered in tattoos
That I never quite understood
His neck carried: "Not seen nor taken"
On his heart it read: "No one"
On his right arm: "Reason"