Saturday, June 20, 2009

Toy Boat

My long-time friend Kenny has lovingly restored a sailboat and invited me last weekend to go out on the lake. There were plenty of other boats, but it was this wee little boat (above) that made me practically squeal with delight. A toy-like dinghy, with only enough room for one person. Boy, did it look like fun. Kenny said, "Those are 'Optimists' and they're designed for kids to learn how to sail". But a full-grown man was at the helm having a lovely day.

The other thing I spotted, just as cute -a face on the back of a boat waiting in the slip. Am I the only one who sees it? Two black eyes and a nose as if to say "Mommy, can we go out on the lake today? No? Oh, okay. Sigh. Sure looks like fun out there." Do you see it too?

Link to photos of kids in Optimist trainer dinghys