Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Captain Eo Figure, 1985

This sixteen-inch tall figure, created for a display at Disneyland in 1985, was the public's first view of Michael Jackson in his role as Captain Eo.  The sculptures of Eo and his "ragtag band", displayed in a miniature setting from the film, were all handmade and painted by an enthusiastic young  artist, Jason Bahret, of the Disneyland Entertainment Art Department.

Working almost a year in advance of the film's debut,  there was little visual reference available to him. No one had seen the fim, which was still in post-production, and the Studio was reluctant to release photos so early, so he referred to a handful of color slides that had been shot on the set.  "The biggest challenge for me was figuring out all the layers, buckles and straps on Michael Jackson's costume," Jason recalls "I must have just made up about 40 to 50 percent of it since I couldn't see it in the slides!"

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