Monday, July 20, 2009

Items from Bonhams Space Auction

Model of the Apollo Lunar Module, designed by Grumman, plastic, metal and decals, 7 inches tall. The Ascent Stage detachable from the Descent Stage as in actual flight configuration. The complete vehicle is removable from the circular base (acrylic), which has text reading "Lunar Module" and with NASA and Grumman logos.

The Lunar Module (LM) made two Earth orbital missions, one being manned, and eight manned lunar missions, of which six LMs successfully landed on the surface.

Sold for $6,100 inclusive of Buyer's Premium

Hard Hat, high-impact plastic with interior support straps, approximately 12 inches in diameter for head sizes 6 1/8 to 8, early 1960s. With 2½ inch diameter color NASA decal at the front, interior label reads, in part: “MSA Topgard Hat or Cap.”

Worn by Dr. Faget during various tests and observations during the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo Programs.

Sold for $3,660 inclusive of Buyer's Premium

Bonhams Space Auction