Friday, July 17, 2009

Vans Off the Wall History

Photo: Vans

For the last month, I have been driving past the Highland Boulevard billboard advertising the new book on the history of the iconic Vans skate shoe. I haven't been able to find a shot of the billboard online - a plain white field with a pair of tattered sneakers and a quote from Tony Alva on buying Vans one at a time. A point that makes perfect sense to skateboarders. Stops me cold, every time, even though I haven't really skateboarded in years and years.

As I eagerly await my copy of the Vans history, I marveled at the video of assembling the shoes back in the original Los Angeles factory. It is easy to forget that products used to be made in Los Angeles.

Birth of Icons video at Vans
Vans Off the Wall: Stories of Sole