Sunday, August 09, 2009

Mister Jalopy's Pallet Shackitecture - Update

Pallet and Ziptie Outdoor Room, Just After Construction

Rosemary (sticker courtesy of South Willard)

Folks have been curious about how my shackitecture pallet and ziptie outdoor room has been treating me. Wonderfully! It has been treating me great. Though not truly insulating in a conventional definition of the word, the simple pallets do provide an emotional wall between yourself and the outside world.

As you can see above, the rosemary never became established. The planting boxes formed by the pallets are a little small and, as such, don't hold a terrific amount of soil. That means they dry out pretty quickly.

Poblano Chiles

Orange tree in an old mop bucket

Despite some gardening setbacks, the room has yielded two tomatoes!

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