Friday, August 07, 2009

Possibly the Greatist (sic) Tree House Ever

D+R reader John says:
A friend of mine sent this to me to check out and it's just too great not to share with you guys. Youtube video a kid made to show off his "Greatist Tree House Ever" (his words).

From speedymcgee himself:
this took me 3 years and i still didn't finish its cause all the wood was free i took it from the scrap piles of the houses being built but ya i made this video a year ago hoping to put it on youtube but i lost it then some old a*& hole came over and told me that i had to take it down i lost the video and i just found it this is dedicated to all my friends and that old tree thanks for the help preston josh and jacob wer gonna build a new one
From the simple first floor platform, speedy's treehouse just keeps going and going, all the while getting more and more precariously hair raising. Do not miss the bathroom tube at 5:40.

Greatist Tree House Ever (Thanks, John!)