Friday, August 14, 2009

ReMix & Worishofer

Look, I'll just stop protesting too much and admit I love shoes. Okay? Fine. After realizing I was about to clock in my third or fourth entry on ideal shoes, I figured it would sound hollow. I discovered Re-Mix Classic Vintage Footwear several years ago in NYC and was immediately drawn to the 40's wedge, perforated lace-up red leather. What's incredible is that they have faithfully re-created the look of many shoes from the 20's, 30's and 40's without any cutesy, contemporary flair added to ruin the entire point and "update the look". The look doesn't need to be updated. It needs to remain available. I don't know what it is about slightly orthopedic, nurse-like shoes that attracts me. And I can hardly get away with wearing them, since they look like moon boots on my scrawny legs.


Hand-tooled Leather 40's heels from ReMix

Warishofer Sandals
Embroidered Hand-Made Boots

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