Saturday, August 08, 2009

Simple is Hard

This vintage embroidery transfer inspires me to wax on about lofty ideas of embroidery design for a moment. Ahem, ahem: Often taken for granted are what makes an embroidery pattern an embroidery pattern. We can stitch up any illustration our hearts desire (which is what I love about embroidery), but not every illustration is specifically designed to be embroidered. This is a gorgeous example of a design that blends fine line illustration with embroidery technique. I am convinced that the person who drew this must have been an embroiderer themselves. Convinced, I say! (pounding fist on lectern) Every line is thoughtful and meant to create a beautiful effect once stitched. The simple but lovely hands, the extremely miniscule lines of her face (that still convey emotion), the French knot dots on her headpiece...folks, I am in awe of this pattern. It looks simple, but simple is hard. Simple. Is. Hard.

Thus concludes today's lecture on embroidery design. Remember to read chapter 8 in your textbooks tonight and be sure to study other prime examples of vintage embroidery design like this in the Hoop Love Vintage Transfers Pool.

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