Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Braun Slowly Disappearing from Consumer World

Photo: T4 Style

For a couple of months, I have been considering selling the iconic Braun AB1 travel alarm clock at Coco's Variety. Exquisitely precise and restrained in design, the AB1 just does what it is supposed to do - tell time, wake you up. This is the antithesis of coffee pots with thirty buttons and over-designed car interiors.

While trying to find a wholesale source, I called Braun, which is now a division of Proctor and Gamble, to learn they are getting out of the toaster, alarm clock, coffee grinder, clothes iron and coffee pot business to dedicate themselves to "personal care devices like razors." Now, Braun makes a nice electric razor, but it is a shame to lose the AB1. It is in the MOMA permanent collection, after all.

Braun AB1 at MOMA Store