Friday, September 04, 2009

Enchanted Dolls

The work of Marina Bychkova is simply divine. Her understanding and expression of human gesture articulated into a posable work that can re-express it multiple times, in multiple ways, makes me despair that I'm wasting my own time as an artist. But, respectfully, her work is more inspiring than it is discouraging. The embroidered clothes, the watery expressions, the white-moon painted nails. As I was looking at her work, I realized that it cannot exist in a static form. Each doll can express endless poses so you never are fully satisfied by looking at it once. I want to look at them again and again. I want to play with them. They are dolls, after all. The only other work that comes to mind is Hans Bellmer's iconic, re-posable work, La Poupée.

I stumbled across a set of extensive photos on flickr of Bychkova's dolls, more than are included on her website, by the photographer Chad Isley, who documents her work: