Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Paris and Fruit Fly Trap

I am back in Paris for a couple of months which means two things: time to hit the hardware section of BHV and make a fruit-fly trap! These events are not related to one another.

Gramma Gum's Never-Fail Fruit-Fly Trap
In a small dish / jar of water, dissolve:

a spoonful of sugar
a spoonful of vinegar
a few drops of liquid dish soap (doesn't need to suds up)

The fruit flies will be attracted to the sugary, vinegar-y liquid, but due to the soap they won't be able to take off from the surface of the water and will sink to the bottom. Works like un rêve.

I love to visit BHV, a huge multi-level department store. Nothing overly glamorous or rarefied, really. But my favorite section is hidden downstairs. Just below the cosmetics, purses and jewelry is an extensive hardware department where you can have keys cut and peruse endless bins of enamel signs, keychains and house numbers. I bought this chunky, reverse-embossed lucite numeric plaque for 3 euro. Simple pleasures.

Also, I'll have work in two shows opening in Paris and Lille in October. Information about the work I'm showing and the exhibitions is on my blog, Embroidery As Art.


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