Sunday, October 04, 2009

Flotsam Robots

The future has actually been here a while and adorable robots for the home, made from electro-mechanical flotsam, are available to meet every conceptual need and budget:

For the brand-conscious hedge fund associate, Robot, 1990 [not 1997], a sculpture made by video art pioneer and telebricoleur Nam June Paik in an edition of 91. Each example is signed and has eyes and/or breasts, it's up to you, doodled upon it by the artist. [LOT 63128 at Heritage Auction, bidding ends Oct. 6. Est. $2-3,000, from the estate of the late dealer Holly Solomon.]

For the time-constrained indie maker fan, "Roller Smith 2" or any number of similar creations from etsy seller Lipson Robotics, at prices ranging from $250-995.

And for the inventive enthusiast who knows the true value of a quarter, it is not a question of finding complete robot kits, which can be had for the taking in your and others' garages. It's the instruction manuals, which never seem to make it into the box.