Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Fort Building Contest!

I can't remember how old I was when my brother and I would build these magnificent forts in our living room. The whole thing was fairly labor intensive for kids... but worth it. We'd start with the frame: an easy-chair stripped of it's cushions. Around that we'd begin, slowly adding walls of pilfered seat cushions then draping on blankets to create a ceiling. Each new fort seemed bigger and better than the last. They usually involved multiple pieces of furniture (a coffee table makes an handsome two story structure).

When complete, we'd run and get the flashlights and food, then retire within the protected confines of our cushioned edifice. We'd eat our rations (for sustenance), quickly get bored, and tear the whole thing down.

If you also remember building forts, especially if you still build them, then pay close attention: Boooooom and We Love You So are getting together for a fort building contest, the prize of which is an XBox 360. Which sounds like a lot of fun.

The above looks most similar to the forts my brother and I made, though neither of us kissed the other's naked arm. I'll leave that to you grown ups.