Monday, October 26, 2009

L'Enfer - lost French film

One of the more heartbreaking things about leaving Paris is the never-ending wonderful events coming up that you're going to miss. I'm especially sad to not see the theatrical release of the restored remains of L'Enfer (1964). An experimental film by Henri-Georges Clouzot, it's been called a cursed project that never saw the light of day. Just a few weeks into filming, the principle actor, Serge Reggiani walked out, Clouzot suffered a heart attack and filming stopped completely. But there was talk of the daring lighting and effects he used, staging Romy Schneider with colored lights, blue lipstick and glitter. (Her creatively amorous gyrations with a Slinky in the teaser clip above are pretty remarkable.) Maybe I could "miss" my flight home and stay until its release.