Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Power x Architecture, ch. 2

Electrical substation architecture. It's like learning a new word; suddenly you start hearing it everywhere.

"Transformatie Huijse/Transformer House" was unveiled Saturday in Rotterdam. Roeland Otten won a community-run design competition to make the "neighborhood curse"--a giant transformer box installed in 2006 in the middle of a historic plaza--disappear. His solution: wrapping the structure in four trompe l'oeil photos to restore residents' placid views.

Sure enough, there's the offending box on Google.

I can't wait for this kind of photographic camo to start showing up all over StreetView. Some people will reskin their house for privacy, of course, make it look like a shack or a vacant lot. But I have a feeling that StreetView-optimized chateaufronts will be much more popular. Virtual curb appeal. [via hundertmarkblog.de via ajnotebook]