Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Wearable Cloak Fantastique

Click photos to enlarge (in flickr)

You're looking at Rob Jan's first badge-cloak attempt (he's already working on cloak #2). He feels his wearable art deserves a name, therefore he has titled it. "Fantastique".

Or maybe it's "Fantastique: Badge Cloak #1" Then again it might be "Rob Jan's Fantastique Badge Cloak #1 Costume." He's not exactly made it very clear.

Anyway... Rob says,
The Klingon cloak pattern is a real handy one, I like it 'cos it leaves your arms free, which is really essential for the battle armour that I most often wear under the cloak....otherwise it would be murder to put on.
He adds,
I'm not hugely fond of sewing, though it's hardly the most fiddly thing I do, and hey, a sewing machine is just another power tool so, okay. When it comes to hand sewing I'm much keener on leather thonging or waxed thread than on fine thread and needles...but needs must!
Impressively, many of the badges are handmade by Rob, digitally or by hand, representing loads of his favorite things, a complete list of which can be found at his "fatastique" flickr set.

The above is one of Rob's hand drawn patches, inspired by the film Alien.