Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Ausgezeichnet, Gasstationhaus!

One of the things that pulled me into fanboi orbit around Mister Jalopy was his deep, abiding love of gas stations. See, I want to live in a modernist gas station some day, preferably one with some connection--one, two or three degrees of separation, it doesn't matter--to Mies van der Rohe. And since Mister J. had claimed to know the whereabouts of at least one disused International Style service station, I figured I could do worse than follow him around and pick up the porcelained steel scraps.

Anyway, Juerg Judin, an art dealer in Berlin, has beat us both to the punch. While we were just blogging about it, Judin bought, decontaminated, renovated, added onto, and moved into his service station in Berlin. AND he got a writeup and a big, fat slideshow about the project in the NY Times, too, from whence this sweet photo was just ganked.

In Berlin, A Renovated Gas Station [nyt]