Sunday, November 15, 2009

Grid Beam

Mentioning Ken Isaacs always flushes some interesting tips out of the Internet brush.

Take D+R reader Stephen's suggestion of the Grid Beamers, for example, next-generation Isaacians "united to build a better world through logical thinking and reuseable parts." Rectilinear, modular parts with lots of carefully drilled holes.

Here are some things the Grid Beamers love: open source, prototyping, square stock, modular lengths, 1:1 ratios between stock width and hole spacing, tri-joints.

Here are some things they don't: curves, user-centered design, the metric system.

Here's the web page for Phil Jergensen, the Linus Torvalds of Grid Beam []
Almost exactly a year ago, Make linked to The Citizen Scientist's review of Jergensen's ersatz Grid Beam Bible, How To Build With Grid Beam, then some Makers discussed specifics of getting started with Grid Beam. [makezine]
Connors934 is the go-to flickr user for Grid Beam, mostly from this years Bay Area Maker Faire. [flickr]