Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The Poetry Of The College Art Association

I've actually been to a few, so I know most of it will be tedious minutiae, poorly read in haste by nervous art historians whose real concern is securing one of the dozen or so tenure track positions--and eventually, health care!--hidden somewhere in the sprawling, frenzied job fair, but damn, do I love me some College Art Association Conference!

Now I'm content to linger over the sheer fantasie that is the sessions list of the 2010 conference, and to dream. About discoursing with Jeff Werner, Goteborg Museum of Art at the Design and the Rhetoric of Democratization session on the Gold Level, West Tower, Hyatt Regency Chicago about "IKEA’s Genealogy of Democratic Design."

Maybe head over to Acapulco [sounds warm!] to hear Melissa Ragona, Carnegie Mellon University's take on "Andy Warhol’s Proto-TV Production." Definitely stay for Margot Bouman, Parsons the New School for Design's "Televisual Spaces and the Paradox of Anamorphosis" show, too.

But mostly it's comfort enough to realize that our society somehow manages to find a gatheringplace for the thousands of people whose intense, lifelong interests range from "Remixing the Phenomenology of Technology: An Analysis of Unplugged Performance-Installations" [Robrecht Vanderbeeken, Ghent University] to "Repetition, Reflection, and Intergenerational Storytelling on Attic Grave Stelai of the Fourth Century BCE" [Elizabeth P. McGowan, Williams College]. Even if that place is the icy shore of Lake Michigan in the dead of winter. They should put the whole thing on YouTube next time.

Sessions list - CAA 98th Annual Conference, Feb 10-13, 2010, Chicago []