Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Armchair Quarterback Trophy

I got lucky last night and channel surfed across Varsity Blues just as James Vanderbeek was about to deliver my favorite line in the argument with his father: "Ah. Don't Want. Yer Lahf."

And thinking about grown men and their football fantasies reminded me that I'd recently been blown away when I visited my friends Patrick and Dennis's studio in Brooklyn a couple of weeks ago. I found the place buzzing with mold-spinning and burnishing and general trophymaking. They've teamed up with another artist, Dave Mitri, to make these rather hilarious fantasy sports trophies.

They are massive, and weighty, and beautifully crafted, and ridiculous, and they apparently drive fantasy sports widows crazy with desire--the desire to see them moved into the mancave.

Meanwhile, they make me want to do some situps.