Thursday, March 25, 2010

Digital Sticker Photo Frame

I love this!

From Tokyo Mango:

Need a more stylish modern way to flaunt your sticker pictures? There's a new product from toymaker Takara Tomy that'll let you do that — it's called the Love Digi Furi Furi Photo Frame, and it's a small keychain/cell phone strap that doubles as a digital picture frame. It comes out at the end of the month, it's about $50, and it's already sold out on pre-order.
I am not entirely clear on how the sticker photos get onto this little device. Do sticker vending machines have USB or media card slots?

UPDATE: Our esteemed guest blogger Greg translated the Amazon page for us and it appears it is not sticker machine related, but a digital picture frame with photo sticker style borders. Pictures load via Micro SD card.

UPDATE 2: Well, what a crazy bing-bong world. I had tweeted about this cool little photo frame and commented that in a couple years they were going to be $10. @giddygirlie tweeted that the future was now! They are already $10. Minus the cool border making feature, which is key, but that price is still amazing. Cheaper than a USB cable. Thanks giddy!

Tiny Digital Picture Frame at Tokyo Mango