Thursday, April 08, 2010

Joseph Beuys Shelf

In that moment in 2008 right before the roar of the art market turned into a crash, I missed the news that Edition Schellmann had launched a small collection of artist-designed furniture.

Which includes this rather sweet looking shelf by, incredibly, Joseph Beuys. The story goes that Beuys created the shelf, Royal Pidge-Pine, along with three tables, for a collector in 1953-4, and that while researching the designs, his widow and son later "discovered complex contexts and links into the oeuvre of the artist." And so they are now available in an edition of either 30 or 60, depending on which screen you're reading.

There's also a replica of his light-bulb-on-a-stick studio lamp.

Schellmann Furniture, Munchen [schellmannfurniture]