Saturday, May 15, 2010

Garage Sale Report - May 15, 2010

I have always coveted these figural Le Creuset casseroles. Whenever I am in Whole Foods, I linger over the Le Creuset display as their enamelware is so attractive and substantial. I can't figure out what I would cook in this small, steep sided pot but, for $5, it is a mystery I will solve. A cassoulet? Perhaps. Though it may have to wait until the summer has passed.

UPDATE: Certainly, the prices at garage sales are astonishing. We are living in times of unprecedented abundance. Now that I have cleaned my new la fonte emaillee oven, I feel I do need to make mention of condition. It is flawless, never used, with original label and a Le Creuset owner's manual inside. But, again, I am forced to mention, despite the NOS condition, it was terrifically greasy-dirty. Do people live as savages? Some do.