Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bücher-Zelle is apparently a thing

I spotted flickr user photoelectrique's photo on Half Letter Press's tumblr. Unlike the likemobs on tumblr, however, I like a little context.

This Bücher-Zelle, or Book Cell, is what it looks like: a used book shop/exchange in a disused phone booth. This one happens to be located in Krimmensen, just the type of tiny German village where phonebooth-based retail is apparently catching on.

A cursory Googling turns up Bücher-Zellen in a churchyard in Bölzke [above]; and a schoolyard in Ingolstadt; an undisclosed geocaching site in Niedersachsen; and, uh, here.

With such fine-looking phonebooths, I can understand not wanting them to disappear.