Monday, June 07, 2010

Making Rope, Marking Time, Conrad Shawcross

The atrium of the IBM Building in Midtown is one of my favorite spaces in New York. Right now, it houses a remarkable ropemaking machine, 25 feet across and 50 feet high. It's called The Nervous System (Inverted), and it's a sculptural project by the British artist Conrad Shawcross.

The contraption creates a massive pile of rope as thick as my upper arm, at a nearly imperceptible pace. Shawcross explores the human compulsion to measure and mark the passage of time. Which is kind of funny, because the entire 57 Street side of the building, which houses the Tourneau store, is covered with 19 big-ass clocks.

Conrad Shawcross' The Nervous System (Inverted), organized by Pace Gallery []
There's a brouchure-ish iPhone app for the project for $0.99, but why? [itunes]