Friday, June 18, 2010

Spotted In The Wild: The Kia E500

Driving home from the Outer Banks yesterday, I was perplexed by the car rapidly approaching from behind. The headlights looked familiar enough--since we were driving a Mercedes E-Class at the time--but the grille, oh, what chopshop was behind that mesh travesty? And that embedded star looks smaller than the normal, if still inadvisable, sports packages.

It was only when it went blazing by that I realized what it was. Or more precisely, what it wasn't. I didn't know exactly which Korean clonejob it was until my car-blogging buddy Dave analyzed the pictures.

I imagined our gas pump conversation, where I pointed out that this car was copied from the W210, which went into production in 1995, and that the E500 moniker was only used for the last year (1994) of the previous model, the W124, so maybe an AMG badge of some kind might be better. But as we repassed, I saw the driver lift a bottle of Jack Daniels to his lips, and I thought it best to confine my commentaries to the blogs.

2008 Kia Amanti Review [the truth about cars (sic)]