Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Crêpière Bretonne

All this talk of Le Creuset got me hungry for crêpes, so I finally pulled down the massive cast iron crêpe pan I'd bought a few years ago for--well, it was no garage sale score, but it did seem like a phenomenally low sale price.

Googling around for the proper model info, it turns out to be a 32cm-diameter Crêpière bretonne, which sounds authentic, since crêpes apparently originated in Brittany.

I marveled at how, even though there's no lip on the pan, surface tension miraculously kept the batter from spilling over the edge. Until the batter spilled over the edge and all over my stove.

BTW, that little spreader is called a rateau [rake] online, but on the box, it's a "'T' à Crêpe." Love that.