Sunday, August 15, 2010

Accomplishments, William Powhida

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I am particularly interested in seeing the Dash Show biopic. Too bad poor William Powhida needs to survive two overdoses first.

Lately, I have been working on a list of self-aggrandizing disorders.

  • Biennialism - upon announcement from Whitney, afflicted realizes they have two years to get their shit together.
  • Obsessive MOCA Syndrome (OMS) - comparing one's height to Deitch; 'right' white for walls. Fundraising rarely considered.
  • Mac500k Fever - without cause, patient mentally 'spends' genius grant. Often, subject to frequent revision.
  • Rose Wardrobe Disorder (RWD) - condition in which patient considers what they would wear on Charlie Rose.
  • Profillitis - a mental disorder in which an individual considers how their New Yorker profile would read.
I suffer from all the above. Mercifully, the afflictions don't last long since reality kicks in quickly.

William Powhida, via Jen Bekman, via Jukebox