Saturday, September 25, 2010

Japanese Tanigashima Matchlock Rifle

From Affiliated Auctions:

Japanese Samurai Tanigashima matchlock bears a Samurai Mon or family crest in solid Silver of the, "AKO Samurai Castle of the famed 47 Ronin". In 1701 Lord Asano of Ako lashed out at a corrupt government court official & set in motion a chain of events that terminated in one of the bloodiest & most famous vendettas in Japan’s feudal history, known as The 47 Ronin. All of whom committed suicide after revenging the death of their Lord Asano. 
This piece also bears a large bronze dragon and many bronze autumn leaf or momoji designs. The weapon dates to about 1715 – 1725 and was produced before the destruction of Ako castle and the demise of Lord Asano. The Tanigashima is terrifically preserved, reflecting a secretive safe keeping by a loyalist family of Lord Asano. All weapons possessing the mon or samurai family crest of Lord Asano were ordered destroyed by the Shogun on penalty of death. 
This firearm is very rare in the fact it remains one of the few surviving original artifacts from Ako samurai castle. Approximately 50 cal. In very good working order. Measuring unusually long at 136cm. In overall excellent condition and of fine master craftsman quality.
Whew. At first, I though it was a bad cropping job, but it really is a totally bad ass, gangster pistol grip .50 caliber long-barrel handgun. In comparison to the Mercedes S550 $6550 20" wheel upgrade and body molding kit, it feels pretty cheap. Even at high auction estimate of $8000.

More modestly, I just bought this

Rare Japanese Tanigashi Matchlock at Affiliated Auctions