Monday, October 11, 2010

The Kusama Yayoi X Coca-Cola Vending Machine Is In Matsumoto.

Though I'd be happier to see some Kusama Yayoi X Diet Coke cans--and to see some cans I could actually buy--I'm as psyched as anyone to see a photo of the Japanese dot sensei's colabo.

But I'd also like a little context. The project is now reduced to sculpture. Here's a Chinese blog with more photos of the original installation, which included several Coke machines, and a dot-covered bench.

And the date of the piece, 2005.

And the location, the Matsumoto City Art Museum, where the above photo was taken of the apparently sole remaining Coke machine and bench, which is located in the interior courtyard. Kusama is originally from Matsumoto. [via c-monster]