Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Brancusi Was A Maker

Lot 86: Lamp with carved stone base, est. EUR60-80,000.

Apparently, the sculptor Constantin Brancusi loved to make stuff, utilitarian stuff, everyday stuff, for his own use, and for his friends. Two of those friends, Natalia Dumitresco and Alexandre Istrati, amassed quite a bit of Brancusi-made objects. Now their descendants are selling it off, coal stoves, suitcases full of vacation clothes, cigarette holders, mailboxes, the whole works.

Lot 89: Coal stove from the darkroom, which he occasionally placed on bases and photographed, est. EUR30-40,000.

Lot 91: four plates, hammered steel, est. EUR2-3,000.

Fonds Constantin Brancusi provenant de la collection d’Alexandre Istrati et Natalia Dumitresco, Nov. 30 []