Thursday, February 03, 2011

Mr. Ishikawa's Amazing 80 Hour 25 Minute Bicycle Bag

Per Mr. Ishikawa, via Babelfish:
The leather material which is necessary for the production of the front bag, all sizes together 56
As for the leather material which this time we have used, with the domestic trader [nameshi] the full vegetable tanning which was processed
The leather (the [nume] leather) being similar, it produces. (Question such as coming up and optical fading of wheel [jimi] and the [gin] aspect by the waterdrop
There is also a subject point, but it seems that even the leather material of today can be said with the full vegetable etc. )
Extraordinary. Not that Mr. Ishikawa would take such a commission, but having a bag like this made would be true luxury. Handmade, single worker, extremely small production, documented. He says it took 80 hours and 25 minutes. Yesterday I went to an electric motor repair shop that specializes in large motors and their labor rate was $85 an hour. Unfairly, let's use that as a rate for professional labor.

I have not communicated with Mr. Ishikawa, as his webpage states that he can't respond to English emails, but merely for the exercise of consideration of true luxury bespoke products, let's calculate a value. 80.42 hours at $85 an hour pegs an imaginary price at $6,835.

A fictional Ishikawa bicycle handle bar bag could reasonably cost $6,835 - and if it was retailed, it would be double that. Expensive, make no mistake, but true handmade luxury products feel like a much better value than the mass market luxury products.

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If you haven't read Deluxe: How Luxury Lost It's Luster, I recommend it. It will make you want to buy something - anything - from Hermes before they get gobbled up.

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